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2018 Distribution Information

December 17, 2018

On December 17, 2018, the PRIMECAP Odyssey Funds made distributions to shareholders of record as of December 14, 2018. The amounts of the distributions are as follows:

  Capital Gains Distribution
  Net Investment
Income Dividend

Short Term

Long Term

PRIMECAP Odyssey Stock Fund $ 0.34266 $ 0.03993 $ 0.49045 $ 0.53038
PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth Fund $ 0.12344 $ 0.03577 $ 0.69203 $ 0.72780
PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund $ 0.02583 $ 0.02152 $ 2.94864 $ 2.97016


Distribution Information

Each Fund expects to pay income dividends annually and to make distributions of net capital gains (if any) at least annually. The Board of Trustees may decide to pay dividends and distributions more frequently.

Each Fund automatically reinvests dividends and capital gain distributions in additional shares of the Fund at the net asset value per share on the reinvestment date unless you have previously requested cash payment in writing to the Funds' transfer agent. If you elect to have dividends and/or capital gains paid in cash, the Funds will automatically reinvest all distributions under $10 in additional shares of the Funds. If you elect to receive distributions and/or capital gains paid in cash, and the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver your check, or if your check remains outstanding for six months, the Funds reserve the right to reinvest the distribution check in your account at the Funds' current net asset value and to reinvest all subsequent distributions.

Any dividend or distribution paid by a Fund has the effect of reducing the net asset value per share on the reinvestment date by the amount of the dividend or distribution. If you purchase shares shortly before the record date of a dividend or distribution, the shares will be subject to income taxes as discussed below even though the dividend or distribution represents, in substance, a partial return of your capital.

Distributions made by a Fund will be taxable to shareholders whether received in shares (through dividend reinvestment) or in cash. Distributions derived from net investment income, including net short-term capital gains, are taxable to shareholders as ordinary income. Distributions designated as capital gains dividends are taxable as long-term capital gains regardless of the length of time shares of the Fund have been held. Although distributions are generally taxable when received, certain distributions made in January are taxable as if received in the prior December. The Funds will inform you annually of the amount and nature of their distributions.

The Funds may be required to withhold federal income tax at a rate of 28% (backup withholding) from dividend payments, distributions, and redemption proceeds if you fail to furnish the Funds with your social security or tax identification number. You also must certify that the number is correct and that you are not subject to backup withholding. The certification is included as part of the account application form.

Dividends and interest earned by a Fund may be subject to withholding and other taxes imposed by foreign countries, at rates from 10% to 40%. However, under certain circumstances you may be able to claim credits against your U.S. taxes for such foreign taxes. The Funds will also notify you each year of the amounts available as credits.