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Investment Professionals

PRIMECAP Management Company is a small organization by design and was founded with efficiency in mind to minimize the administrative burdens and bureaucracy associated with larger organizations. The firm recognizes that its core competency is investment management, not administration.

Theo A. Kolokotrones Anil Gopala Shanshan Jiang John C. Wang John T. Cloud
Joel P. Fried Gregory T. Molinelli Philip J. Aiken Douglas E. McCrary Michael P. Walsh
Alfred W. Mordecai Jared N. Herzikoff-Cornell Daniel S. Settel Brad A. Bredemann Brandon C. Witek
M. Mohsin Ansari Stephen D. Klein RK MacLean Michael J. Ricks
James Marchetti Peter Kingston Tyler F. Citek Karen Chen
  Julie Zhu Joseph D. Holt  

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